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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
September 7, 1971
8 pm

Dear Folks,

Took the morning off after guard duty last night. Took Duffs exercise board out on top the bunker and used it to lay on to catch a few morning rays. Got 2 letters this morning. I think I'll try to clear up a few things about 2nd Signal standing down. First from what I hear they started this standing down a couple days ago and it's supposed to be complete by the 20th or so. As far as we can see so far it's not going to affect us at all. I think you had the impression we're turning this place over to the ARVN's or something. 2nd Signal Aviation is not the only unit at Long Thanh North. There are about 10 other units in this post. I doubt if any of us are going anywhere in the near future. I haven't seen any ARVN on this post yet. The only way the stand down could possibly effect me would be if they decided I should go with signal because my MOS is really not an Aviation MOS. An 05C isn't supposed to have anything to do with airplanes. But since I've had about 8 months on the job training in Avionics and radio relay I imagine I'll just stay with aviation. It all remains to be seen. They've got 138 days to decide, then I'm leaving.

Spent the afternoon in Avionics. We had to check the banks in 027 to make sure they all work good. Col. Dickenson is supposed to come and inspect this place again tomorrow so they have to be ready in case he wants to see them work.

 I shouldn't have to worry about that though. As far as I know I'm supposed to go to Vung Tau tomorrow for the day. Davis didn't say why I was supposed to go so if he doesn't say for sure I'll assume he just wanted me to go for the ride and enjoy the day off.


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