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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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129 days to go
Da Nang
September 17, 1971
3:30 pm

Dear Folks,

I'm flying over Quang Tri somewhere right now. Slept in today till about noon. When we woke up we got the word that we would fly a practice mission today at 2 pm. The people on the ground apparently weren't even informed that we were coming. We flew around for about an hour without being able to contact anybody.  Even when we did get them they didn't know why we were up here. I've never seen anything so screwed up. Well, I got my flight time anyway. I hope the real thing isn't as confused as this.

I think we've got some mail coming to Marble Mountain at 3 pm today. We finally got the truck from the officers for a while yesterday. We went downtown to the MACV club at the Da Nang Hotel. Only stayed till about 8 when we found out there wasn't going to be a band playing. From there we went back to the Air Force NCO club and watched the band there till about 10.

Saw the movie "the Deserters" at the MAFC.

They call those hot dogs a the RPI -- corn dogs. Looking forward to about three of them in a couple hours.

That's it for now


Oops! No letter for the 16th pm. Too busy having a good time.

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