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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
September 21, 1971
9:45 pm

Dear Folks,

I just remembered who's birthday it is today. So Happy Birthday to George, a little late. I'm enclosing 100 pi as a birthday present. Considering I've only got about 30 cents left in American money that's a pretty big present. 275 pi to a dollar.

Sunny and hot all day. Spent the morning taking an inventory of a conex full of junk that Avionics has accumulated.

This afternoon we checked radio banks. We got 4 amplifiers back from 56th. Two of them work but 2 have to go back. Plus a couple of the radios that were in 027 when it was sabotaged. Give us a couple more weeks and I think we may get all 18 banks working at one time. It hasn't happened in 8 months but I hope to see it before I leave. I'd like to be able to sit back knowing I have good equipment to work with. Then maybe I can go back on permanent burm detail or something.

I got a little bit of a headache from beating my brains against those radios till 6 this evening


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