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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
September 23, 1971
8 pm

Dear Folks,

Faked it through another day in Avionics. Nothing happening in the shop now. All the bad radio racks were sent to 56th to be fixed. They seem to know what they are doing over there. Mr. Johnson is sending Claybough over every day to help check the racks. He says I get away from the company too much as it is. He's letting somebody else have a chance. That's fine with me just as long as the things get fixed. I'm tired of running around. I hope Claybough knows what he's doing. He came out to Bunker #1 yesterday and asked me how to hook up the cables on the racks.

Mr. Johnson wants me to get a drivers license. I think I'm supposed to go to the motor pool tomorrow for a drivers test. That ought to be good. I've never driven a standard shift vehicle before. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll flunk. A drivers license just means extra work.

I read in the paper today that the draft bill was passed and we will get our pay raise. I hope the wage price freeze doesn't hold it up. I'll take anything they want to give me. Also glad to hear they extended the draft. If they got me they might as well get everybody else!

One more happy day gone and 122 to go.


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