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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
September 28, 1971
8:30 pm

Dear Folks,

Well, those pictures finally came. Some pretty good ones in this batch. I've enclosed a couple negatives. I don't know why they didn't print the ones of me in the airplane. It looks like it might be scratched. Maybe you can have them printed and see how they turn out. I got 16 pictures back and gave O'Briant two pictures that I took of him, so there are these two pictures and two other envelopes.

Also got two letters, a card from Aunt Rose , a card from Aunt Marie and the birthday box. I don't know if it was intentional or not, but when I opened the box with all those cans wrapped up in white paper it looked just like a years supply of 'you know what'. I had to look twice to realize I was seeing things. Still have some chipsters left over from the last box so I had a treat of pretzels from a can and chipsters.

Took burm detail again today. Another hard day. we quit about 10:30 this morning after taking a couple loads of sandbags from the top of Bunker 46 and dumping them in a ditch outside the first strand of wire. Then this afternoon we quit at 2 pm. All we did was finish cleaning off the top of that bunker. There was a new rule came down that no bunkers can have sandbags on top of them. I can't figure that out. Also had to put out a few claymore mines in front of some of the bunkers. We replaced a few that blew up yesterday. About 3 pm yesterday a bolt of lightning struck out in front of bunker 9 and blew up six claymores with one big blast.

I asked Sgt. Skaggs today about getting permanent tower guard. He said he thinks so but he'll let me know.

I'm scheduled for tower guard tomorrow morning. During these elections they are keeping two guards in the tower 24 hours a day. Usually there is only one guard in the tower during daylight.

Well, guess that's about it.


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