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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
October 4, 1971
7:30 am

Dear Folks,

It was sunny all day yesterday for a change. This last week or so has been pretty cloudy. No letter for the 3rd. This is it. I went down to the club to watch the band and when I came back I hit the sack right away.

As far as I know I'm still on one hour standby. Kadramas flew that test flight yesterday. It didn't work. The frequencies they tried to use were also used by the gooks and they never shut up.

We de-rigged 061 yesterday afternoon so now we only have two planes rigged. There wasn't any mail yesterday. The road to Long Binh was closed. So there should be plenty today.

Hope Charlie gives up now that the elections are over. I hear Bien Hoa took 4 rockets. That's too close for comfort. It looks like they weren't successful in disrupting the election to any great extent, so maybe they will give up.


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