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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
October 11, 1971
10:45 pm

Dear Folks,

Running late tonight. Saw Instenes reading a book about Oceanography so I showed him the course I was taking. I've been talking with him about fishing for the last two hours. More accurately I've been talking for the last two hours and he's been listening. I finally found an audience for all my tall tales.

I managed to get on detail again today. Just didn't bother to go to the hanger. I saw Capt. Kelly and asked him if he needed any help. We weren't out on the burm today. We worked in the motor pool using an acetylene torch to weld some ammo cans together. They are going to be used to store ammo in the bunkers so it can be locked up out there for red alerts. Capt. Kelly asked me if I'd be able to work again tomorrow. I heard today that some lifer put out the word that no more Avionics personnel will be able to volunteer for detail. Ain't that some stuff! We'll see about that tomorrow.

Got four letters today. All still addressed to 2nd Signal. Still hoping you didn't change the APO. I don't know what could have caused the mail delay last week. I also got the package from Gran and Aunt Marie. I got a whole shelf in my locker full of junk. And my refrig is overflowing. Everything arrived OK except one can of pistachios came open and they must have soaked up all the moisture in the box because they were kind of chewy.

Oh, yes! I really hit the mail jackpot today. I got a package of magazines too

That's it for now. 104 DTG


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