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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
October 15, 1971
10:30 am

Dear Folks,

That flight last night lasted a little longer than usual. There was some trouble with the airplanes on the ground. 038 was down south on a VIP mission and they had to wait for it to get back and change crews and come up to replace us. We logged 6 hours and 10 minutes and two missions. We stopped at Bien Hoa to refuel. We had 45 gallons of fuel left when we landed at Bien Hoa.

The ground relay had taken over just before 038 got up to us. We were put on standby. 038 actually beat us back to Long Thanh.

Hope that's the end of flying for a while. I need some rest. I'm also starved and the mess hall doesn't open till 11:30. Guess I'll have to dig into some goodies.

I'm taking the morning off.  I haven't decided whether to work this afternoon or not.


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