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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
October 19, 1971
8:15 am

Dear Folks,

Still on my morning after letter writing schedule. I worked the night shift in Avionics. We don't really do any work and we quit at 8 pm. Things may be changing though. We have a new E-6 in the company who is supposed to take charge of Avionics.

Had to go take a shower to wash the feathers off me this morning. Supply didn't have any pillowcases when I turned in sheets yesterday and my pillow had a little leak. I made sure I got one this morning.

It's still a little cloudy but the rains haven't come so often lately. By the end of this month we should start back in the dry season again.

You keep asking what I would like to have sent. Well, I've got enough sweet stuff to last for about 6 months after I leave. I could dig some of those chips and pretzels again. I think that was the best treat of all.

I got some pictures today that the army took of me for my flight record. They look like mug shots for a line-up. They are too big to send with a letter. I may try to find one of those small brown envelopes and send them.


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