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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
October 24, 1971
11 am

Dear Folks,

Had the whole day off yesterday, almost. At ten last night we had to rig 009 for a radio relay standby. We now have two ships on standby. It's a four hour standby and we don't know where it is for.

I slept in late yesterday morning. After lunch I rode shotgun on a truck going to Long Binh. We took Murphy to 90th Replacement station. He is going home on a couple weeks leave.

We got back from Long Binh at about 4:30 and I went down to the club to get something to eat. Had a couple orders of French fries and a coke. Sylvester was down there. He didn't look too happy for a guy who only has one day to go. He leaves today.

I got two letters yesterday. Yes, I really did fly the plane. It's not much different than driving a car. Except that you can push or pull on the wheel to make the plane go up and down.


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