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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
November 4, 1971
10 am

Dear Folks,

Sitting out on the sandbags outside the hooch and enjoying the morning sun. The dry season has definitely made it's appearance. We've had two super hot clear days in a row. Last night was clear too and the moon was full. It was about like daylight.

Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon sitting out at the U-21 revetments in the sunshine. Except for about a half hour when I came back to get a part for 061.

013 had an emergency landing yesterday. Seems like 13 always has landing gear troubles. The pilots were able to pump the gear down by hand so they landed ok.

There are quite a few people here who leave on or about Jan 24th. Heard a rumor yesterday that we may be leaving around the 1st of January. The rumors are getting better every day.


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