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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
November 9, 1971
10 am

Dear Folks,

It's a little cloudy right now but there is blue sky to the NE and N so it should be clearing up soon.

I got 2 letters and a pack of magazines yesterday. According to the letter, you sent in the magazines on the same day. That's either pretty good service on the magazines or pretty poor service on the letters. I forgot to check the dates.

We quit work about 8 pm yesterday to go catch the band at the club. It was a Japanese band. I've seen them before I think at the RPI. They weren't really too great. At the end of the show one guy jumped up and started yelling, "More, more!" The people at the table with him grabbed him and shut him up.

Well, it's true. Cheney will be here for a while. I think what it is is that they are not giving drops to people who have extended. Seems to me that would improve my chances.


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