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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
November 14, 1971
9:30 am

Dear Folks,

Had a long day yesterday. I worked in the afternoon till 5 pm. Everybody else was already gone by 5 pm but Avionics was still sitting there doing nothing. It's really stupid to sit around like that especially on a Saturday afternoon. But the lifers say we will be there at 5 pm.

Just as we were leaving one of the maintenance lifers came into the hanger. He said it would mean so much to him if we would work on 073 tomorrow. Well tomorrow is here. Kadramas and I will probably go out later and look at it. Claybough and Jones worked on 073 all yesterday morning and couldn't fix it. There are a few things they didn't try, so we'll try them and if it doesn't work we'll quit. We're not spending any more than a half hour if we can help it.

Working today wouldn't be so bad but we also had to go over there last night and work on 001. We finished about 11:30 pm.

I guess that's it for now. I didn't get any mail yesterday so I'll be looking today.

Pray for a lifer.


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