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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
November 16, 1971
7:30 pm

Dear Folks,

I don't remember writing this morning so I guess I'd better catch up.

Still working the night shift. I like it because we sort of make our own hours. In other words we don't work very long. But the days go by so fast that I can hardly keep track of them. Just as an example I'm already through work for today and I had the morning off.

We worked a little last night but quit at 8 pm in time for the band at the club.

We haven't had even a hint yet of how the 45,000 troop pull-out will effect us. It makes a drop seem more likely, but you can't outguess the army.

My letters keep getting shorter every day. But it's authorized, because I'm getting shorter every day. I get tired of writing the same thing every day. And this place just doesn't change. I could use a nice long radio relay mission to the resort in Da Nang. Get away from these Aviation lifers for a while. Vietnam would be a nice place to go to war if it weren't for the US Army. I should have joined the Boy Scouts, at least they have adult leaders. I'm still smiling though. 69 or less to go. That's enough to make anybody happy.


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