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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
November 18, 1971
8:45 pm

Dear Folks,

I wrote a letter this morning. I guess that's the one you've been waiting to see and I've been waiting to be able to write.

O'Briant wasn't kidding. Everybody I saw today asked me if I knew about my drop. And on the radio they announced that everybody with a DEROS before Feb. 20 would go home before Christmas.

I talked to the company clerk. He said orders were being cut and we would get them soon. Until I get orders I won't know for sure what day I leave country. Sgt. Jones said the list they sent to the hanger this morning said the 14th. The company clerk said between the 15th and 18th. Either one is fine with me.

The more I consider the ETS situation the less likely it seems. I recounted the days from June 20th back to December. To get exactly a 179 day ETS drop I would have to leave the Army on Christmas Day. I don't know how much they'll stretch it, but it doesn't seem likely. I'll know when I see my orders. If they say to "Proceed for Separation Processing" then that means I'm out for sure. But if it's just permanent change of station then the chances aren't too good.

Right now it doesn't matter too much to me. I just want to get out of this place. At the very worse all I can get is a months leave and 5 months duty in the states and I might even enjoy it. Well, anyway I will be home for Christmas.

It sure feels good to be short. I wish I had a definite date. I could start counting down again.

More details coming soon. As I find out I'll let you know. See you soon.


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