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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
November 22, 1971
8:15 am

Dear Folks,

It's really cold this morning I don't know what the temperature is but I'm freezing.

I never got around to writing yesterday. I was going to write last night but I had to work for a while and then I went down to the club to get something to eat before the kitchen closed at 9 pm.

Not many days left. I wish I knew how many. We're all hoping to get orders this week. There are about 10 of us who are supposed to leave before Christmas.

I got the pretzels yesterday. I still have a few potato chips left. They were gone in about 5 minutes. So now I've got a can of pretzels to eat.

Guess I'll put on my overcoat and walk up to mail this letter.


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