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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
December 20, 1971
9:45 am

Dear Folks,

Well, I've cleared everything except finance and personnel. This afternoon I go to Long Binh and clear finance. If everything goes OK then tomorrow morning I should go to 1st Signal Brigade headquarters and clear personnel and from there to 90th Replacement Station.

So if everything goes according to schedule this should be the last letter you receive from Vietnam. I may even beat it home.

It's hard to believe I'm finally leaving this place. Sure will be glad to get out of here. Yesterday about 2 pm another one of the guards shot himself in the leg with an M-16. Just about blew his leg off. A bloody mess. That's about the third time that has happened in the last two months. The guard hooch is the building right in front of our hooch. Got to get out of here before one of those jerks misses himself and shoots me.

I've got just about everything packed and ready to go. I'll be carrying one blue suitcase and that's it. I sold the other one to a guy who left last week. He was going to Baltimore too. His name was Petric. I think he lives near Patterson Park.

I'll try to call from Oakland.

Time now for a coke and a turnover at the snack bar.


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