The first time I met Cindy she was working at Patapsco Valley State Park as a park technician. On my first tour of the park I was introduced to her while she was working in campground in the Glen Artney area of the park. She was wearing coveralls at the time and running a chainsaw, as I recall. Here's a pic of her I've been carrying in my wallet since that time.

Cindy in the late 1970's

We got to know one another over the several years I worked there. I don't recall exactly when, but one day I found this note from Cindy on my windshield inviting me to go to Harpers Ferry for some hiking on the C&O Canal towpath. That was my kind of date!
Spending time outdoors together just seem to come natural. One of my favorite memories (and I think Cindy would agree) is of the trip we took together to Maine. We camped on our way to New England, spent some time at Acadia National Park, visited the L.L. Bean store, and stopped at Fort Ticonderoga on the way back as we enjoyed the beautiful fall colors. It was a great trip in the fall of 1981.

Cindy and Rick at Acadia National Park

Acadia NP, 1981

On May 1, 1982 we were married at Mt. Carmel Church in Pasadena, MD. We honeymooned at Harpers Ferry, of course. And continued down Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway to Peaks of Otter.
I had just started a new job as a park ranger at Downs Park and Cindy quit her job at Patapsco to become a full-time farmer. Together we built a farm business on the old family farm on Mountain Road. For 17 years we grew produce and sold it at our roadside market.


This Farm(h)er is outstanding in her field.

We managed to raise a couple great kids along the way and moved our household to Downs Park in 1989 when I was promoted to park superintendent. We continued to farm until 1999.

Katie and Ricky 2003

In the new millennium we changed gears a bit. We sold off all the farm equipment, built a horse barn, fences, bought some horses and Cindy started her own horse boarding and lesson business , a long time dream of hers.

Tough as nails. Soft and sweet.
Always dreaming of what can be.
Mother, farmer, horsewoman and wife.
The very center of my life.


Cindy on horseback
Dun-Pikin Farm, 2004



Cindy 2007

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