2. Richard Vincent HOLT was born on 20 Jun 1925 in 705 S. Curley ST. Balto. Md 21224. He was christened on 30 Jul 1925 in Sacred Heart of Jesus Chruch - Balto.. He was married to Gertrude Charlotte HARTLEY on 24 Nov 1949 in Sacred Heart of Jesus Church - Balto..

3. Gertrude Charlotte HARTLEY was born on 14 Jul 1927 in Johns Hopkins Hos. Balto. Md 21205. She was christened on 1 Aug 1927 in St. Brigids Ch. Balto Md. 21224. Children were:

child1 i. Richard Vincent HOLT Jr..
child ii. Lee Ann HOLT was christened in Dec 1952 in St. Katherines Church. She was born on 17 Dec 1952 in Sinai Hos. Balto. Md.
child iii. George Hartley HOLT was born on 21 Sep 1957 in Sinai Hospital Balto. Md. He was christened on 29 Sep 1957 in St. Mildreds Church.
child iv. Jean Marie HOLT was christened in Jul 1964 in St. Mildreds Church. She was born on 20 Jul 1964 in Sinai Hosp. Balto. Md.

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