4. Lee Roy HOLT was born on 1 Mar 1899 in Balto. County. He died on 19 Feb 1952 in 424 N. Clinton St. Balto Md.. He was buried on 23 Feb 1952 in National Cemetery - Balto. Md.. He was christened in ST. Peters Luth. Ch. 7834 Eastern Ave.. He was married to Anna HALL on 27 Oct 1921.

5. Anna HALL was born on 23 Nov 1902 in Baltimore City. She died on 16 Dec 1986 in Meridienne Nursing Home - Balto.. She was buried on 19 Dec 1986 in National Cemetery - Balto.. Children were:

child2 i. Richard Vincent HOLT.
child ii. Marie HOLT was born on 4 Jun 1923 in Balto. City.
child iii. Wilbur Thomas HOLT was born on 7 Aug 1928 in Balto. City. He died on 14 Feb 1972 in Johns Hopkins Hospital Balto. He was buried on 19 Feb 1972 in Sacred Heart of Jesus Cemetery.
child iv. Leroy Joseph HOLT was born on 12 Oct 1935 in Balto. City.

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