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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh
February 27, 1971
8:30 pm

Dear Folks,

Well we had him convinced for two days anyway. Had to go back to 'work' again today. Sat in the Avionics room all day. Didn't do anything more strenuous than drink Pepsi and read a magazine. There is a band at the EM club tonight. I stayed down there for a while.

Got two letters today written on the 22nd saying you got the pictures. I'm going to try mailing my next two rolls in the mailer you sent. I have to pay regular postage to mail it, but I have some stamps that I brought with me. I'll drop them in the mail tomorrow. I'm having them sent to me and I'll send them home. I'll have to get someone to take a few pictures of me. I know there are some pictures of me on these last two rolls. It's not as easy to get close-up pictures of the mamma-san as you think. Most of them don't like to have their pictures taken and they run away. I'll keep trying though.

Dad if you think you have a problem with dogs you ought to see all the dogs over here. There must be one dog for every five people. But believe it or not you never hear any of them bark. Most of them are pretty tame.

I got that package of goodies today postmarked Feb 20th. That's 7 day service. Looks like lots of good eating ahead. Everything arrived in good condition and everybody says thanks for the brownies.

Didn't get my w-2 forms yesterday. Looks like I'll have to go to Long Binh and pick them up.

Tomorrow is a day off. As if I need a day off after all the hard work I've been doing in the last month.


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