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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Da Nang
March 3, 1971
8:30 pm

Dear Folks,

Back up North again. I'm supposed to fly at 3 tomorrow morning. We stopped at Qui Nhon on the way up. They haven't been hit up here since I left. So maybe I'll get some sleep for a change.

Spent the whole day sitting waiting for the plane to take off. Was supposed to go up about 12:30 pm but didn't get off the ground till 2:30 pm. This has really been a hot day too.

Got 2 letters today before I left Long Thanh. One was that Merit Mark from the Power Squadron and the other the picture of Gran and Jean. You're getting pretty good with the camera. Keep the pictures coming.

Just took a break for a Rice Paddy Special. Guess I'll take a shower and try to get some sleep. Everybody is watching Laugh-In right now. It's an old one with Dr. Billy Graham and Tiny Tim.

The guys who have been flying up here say it has been pretty clear and they have been able to see a lot of the ground action at night. Still flying close to the border. That's it for now.


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