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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Da Nang
March 8, 1971
10 pm

Dear Folks,

Unbelievably quiet (had a big discussion on how to spell that word, quiet) around here today tonight. The guy on television just said the South Vietnamese will be in Laos till about May 1st. We'll probably be here at Da Nang all the while they are in Laos.

Was down the airfield today. Got a picture of a plane that was hit by anti-aircraft fire. Got hit near the tail end. Must not have damaged it too much. It was able to land. That was the only time I left the compound today. I would like to get to China Beach one of these days.

Took a couple pair of my fatigue pants down to the tailor to get them tapered. I got 2 letters and some magazines today. I was the only one who got any mail. Everybody wants to know my secret. What can I say? The envelope with the magazines was open. There were 3 Life, 1 Newsweek, 1 Ensign and some envelopes. Was that all you sent? I don't know whether they get ripped open by being handled or if they are being checked.

Dad - I like your poetry even if nobody else does.

Lee Ann - Here is a guys address. How about taking it to school and getting some of your girlfriends to write to him. He never gets any mail. I told him I was going to tell you but he didn't believe me. Make a believer of him:

PFC Arthur Paulson
2nd Signal Group Aviation Detachment
APO SF 96530

Well, that's it for now. 300 shopping days till Christmas.


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