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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Da Nang
March 9, 1971
11 pm

Dear Folks,

Finally got moved out of that tent. Supposedly the Colonel feared for our safety. Took a bomb to wake him up. We moved to a building behind personnel. We still live in one big room, but we have twice as much room. We have a couple lockers now so we can lock some valuable stuff up. This is a concrete building about 12 inches thick and we spent 2 hours this evening stacking sand bags six feet high around  the outside. We're pretty safe in here from anything but a direct hit.

12 pm

A little bit of Seagrams 7 and coke has brought this letter to a halt. Too many drunks walking around. Got 3 letters today from Dad, Jean and Mom and the "Horizon" from Power Squadron. So much for now. Sorry 'bout the messy paper. Kelm spilled a cup of stuff all over my bed.


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