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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Da Nang
March 13, 1971
8:45 pm

Dear Folks,

It has been a nice sunny day. A little windy but not too hot. Wore my fatigues for the first time in about a week. Had to 'work' a little bit this morning. Took the radios out of the plane with the bad wing and put them in a plane they sent up last night. That plane brought 7 letters for me. I was the only one who got mail again. Keep it coming.

Paulson just gave me a pizza. He bought it at the Rice Paddy Inn, but he had two hotdogs while he was waiting for it to be made. So he wasn't hungry by the time he got it.

 Picked up my three pair of fatigues from the tailor today. They fit a lot better now, not so baggy. I put the other two pair in. They'll be ready Wednesday. You say the MP's have inspection every morning. Well, I could probably pass any inspection they have. Except maybe for the haircut part. Haven't had a haircut since I came in-country. Mamma-san keeps my fatigues starched and my boots highly shined. So anytime I take a fancy to wearing my uniform I look pretty sharp. Of course, I only wear it when I have to.

Guess I can expect that package pretty soon. Hope the mail clerk doesn't hold it at Long Thanh. I told him before I left to send any packages up here.

Don't remember anything about the first plane ride, but that picture looks familiar. Got a lot of laughs from the old pro's around here. Most of these guys have already earned their wings. Some of them even have their air medal. You need 15 missions and 50 hours for the wings. I've got the hours all I need is 7 more missions. 

I charged that film to the Wards account. Haven't got the pictures back yet.



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