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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh
April 12, 1971
12:30 pm

Dear Folks,

Well the time slipped by awful quick this evening. Just finished a game of monopoly which we started about 7:30 pm. Kelm, Duff, Seacord and I went to Long Binh this morning and put in for our TDY pay. We're supposed to go back tomorrow some time after 1 pm to pick up the money. I also picked up a flight suit while I was there today.

I got the materials for that USAFI course today. Looks like a lot of interesting reading ahead. I spent the afternoon in Avionics. We had to take radio relay banks out of triple zero and that was the extent of my work for today. Got about 3 letters today.

Hate to cut this letter short but I've got to get up for 7:15 am formation in the morning. I was wondering if that tape recorder that George found works. If it plays those small cassettes I could probably get a small cassette recorder myself. It doesn't cost me anything to mail those small cassette tapes to the states.

Hope you had a nice Easter Sunday.


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