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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh
April 13, 1971
1:30 pm

Dear Folks,

I figured I'd try and write a letter a little earlier today. It seems like when I wait till the evening I never get around to it until the last minute. I'm sitting in Avionics now with a nice cool breeze from the air conditioner blowing right on my back. Didn't do anything this morning as far as work goes. Read a few pages from the USAFI text. We have a morning formation at 7:15 am and then a police call. A guy named Sgt. Cox is in charge of the mess. He is a real lifer type. He reminds me of the cadre we had in basic training. You just look at him and you hate his guts. He's got to be the most disliked man in this company. Will all the threats I've heard around here it's a wonder Cox is still in one piece.

Duff and Kelm went to Long Binh today to pick up their TDY money. Sgt. Davis our section chief didn't want us all gone at the same time so me and Seacord will go tomorrow.

We've got 7 people now in Avionics and if Paulson gets assigned to this unit that will make 8. We'll probably work out a schedule like some of the other sections do so that we'll only work every other day or so. That won't be bad at all! The swimming pool is open now.

I think I'll go to the dispensary one of these days and have some flight glasses made. I didn't realize it but if you're on flight status you can have them made by the army. They are sunglasses in wire frames.

I had some more tags and insignias sewn on my flight suit during lunch break today. Had lunch in the mess hall - my first meal there since I came back from Da Nang. We get off from 11:30 to 1 pm for lunch. There is a formation at 10 of 1.

Just got a letter from Dad this morning. That Apache Trailer sounds like a nice rig. Then all we need is a nice light weight canoe to take along on top.

Guess that's it for now. Maybe if your lucky I'll find time to write again later.


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