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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh
April 15, 1971
10:15 pm

Dear Folks,

I got the letters you wrote on the 11th this morning and one written on the 10th this afternoon. I'll never be able to figure out this mail service. I got some magazines you sent today. I don't know if this was the one with the Time magazines or not. It had 3 Life, a Field and Stream, a Sports Afield and a Dundalk Times.

We worked in Avionics for a change today. Trying to get all our radio relay banks working. Out of 10 that we checked today less than half were any good. And it took us quite a bit of switching parts to get the rest to work. That was in the Avionics shop with all kinds of spare parts and tools. Those are the same banks we used in Da Nang. And they expected us to be able to get them working 10,000 feet above the ground. It's hard to believe that people's lives actually depend on that lousy equipment working. We'll still be at it tomorrow. There are about 5 or six or banks to check.

That guy in the picture is SP4 Handy. He went back to Florida on special leave because of some kind of family troubles. He probably won't be back. I think he got a compassionate reassignment to the states.

Duff goes up to a board tomorrow for Soldier of the Month.  He was selected by the detachment  and he competes at Group level.

We got a big inspection coming up tomorrow. A Sgt. Cox specialty. Got a haircut today and cleaned my rifle. He'll have to look pretty hard to find a gig. I imagine he'll think of something though.

Almost forgot to mail those letters again today. You'll get them sooner or later.


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