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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Da Nang
April 28, 1971
9:40 pm

Dear Folks,

Here I am again right on schedule. No mail today but I really didn't even miss it. Spent the day at China Beach. Got plans to leave for the beach at about 9 tomorrow morning. The water was nice today, but boy is it salty. After drinking a couple gallons of it I feel like my throat has been pickled.

They put us on Red Alert last night but nothing ever happened. Yellow alert tonight.

Latest word is that we leave Friday. I'll believe it when I get on the plane. They change their minds so often it hardly pays to listen any more.

Saw the movie 'Norwood' at the RPI (which finally opened this afternoon). It had Glen Cambell and Joe Namath in it.

Taking a break for Room 222 on TV.

It's getting late and I've got to wash the sand off me. So much for now.


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