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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Da Nang
April 29, 1971

Dear Folks,

Had a pretty good day today. From 10 - 5 I was at China Beach. And from 6 - 10 I was at the RPI listening to the band. We stopped at the China Beach USO before we went to the beach and had a cheeseburger and a couple cokes. I took count of how many cokes I drank today. Two at the USO. Four at the R&R patio on the beach, two at the officers club on the beach (we just took off our shirts so they couldn't see our rank. And pretend we were officers for a while. It's not hard you just act dumb.) And I had four cokes at the RPI tonight. All together that makes 12. And that was just an average day.

No mail today. One plane went south today. Seacord went on that one. Everybody else was supposed to go tomorrow. But the latest word is that we're on indefinite standby. So we'll check out the situation tomorrow morning and if nothing is supposed to happen then we'll head for China Beach again.

The water was a little rough today but that made it more fun. I saw some little sailboats and powerboats at the beach today. I think they are the ones you can use when you're on R&R. Maybe I'll come up here for a three day in-country R&R some day and try it out. Looks like fun.

All the transients moved out today. So we've got the hooch to ourselves again. It will probably fill up again tomorrow. I counted the bunks in here - 29.

Well, it's been a long hot day. Red Alert tonight. Time for some sleep.


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