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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Da Nang
April 30, 1971
11:50 pm

Dear Folks,

The good fairy came today. Brought $401.00 in MPC. A can of pretzels, a can of chips, an electric fan and nine letters. Can hardly believe I got paid on payday. Got two months flight pay and PFC pay. Got paid PFC for this month. So now I've got $480 on me. I'll have to send some of it home. Can't carry all that money around for a month.

I tested the chips and pretzels. The RPI was closed already when I got them so I'll save them till I can get some cokes.

Spent the day at China Beach. Getting browner and browner. Starting to look like a soul brother.

Red alert tonight. May Day is a big communist holiday. According to the people who have been around here for a while there has been quite a bit of activity around here on that day in past years.

China Beach again tomorrow I hope.

A letter from Aunt Marie, a card from Mrs. Pellinger and a letter from Lee Ann were in the batch of mail I got today. Also a few pictures. Read them all in a hurry. I'll wait till tomorrow and read the newsclippings. Everybody wants the lights out. I got a picture album for $1.55 at China Beach PX today for those pictures you send.


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