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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Da Nang
May 1, 1971
8:30 pm

Dear Folks,

No mail today, but I wasn't really expecting any after that big haul yesterday. It rained all day today so we didn't get to China Beach. We're expecting a big storm tonight. A hurricane or something. Everybody is out putting sandbags on their roofs to hold them down. Maybe after it passes things will clear up so we can get to the beach tomorrow. It must seem funny that we go to the beach so often. We just take advantage of every chance we get.

Started out his morning with $499.85. Right now I've got $497.60. Didn't spend too much today. Just a couple of RPI hot dogs and lots of cokes.

I was going to look for a tape recorder today, but it was so rainy and wet I didn't bother. Maybe if we get to the beach tomorrow I'll try the China Beach PX. If not I might get to Gunfighter Village.

Saw the movie 'the Last Day of the War' a the main Air Force compound this afternoon.

Been feasting on pretzels, chips and coke all day. Still have plenty left though.

Sleeping on a bare mattress tonight. Mamma-san turned our sheets in and then supply didn't get any clean ones in. Won't be the first time. The first night I was up here I didn't even have a mattress.

Haven't heard from Tom Ward or Paulson lately.  Paulson said he would write as soon as he got settled. Don't really expect too much from Tom. The last letter I got was PRINTED on a piece of note paper.

Hope you had nicer weather than we did today.


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