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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
May 8, 1971
10 pm

Dear Folks,

Another hot day. Had to work about 5  minutes this morning putting a control in 000. Also helped Seacord put a UHF radio in 038 this afternoon. Other than that I just sat in the Avionics shop. Did go out a couple times to sit in the sun for a while.

Listening now to Ray Price on my cassette player. I bought a couple pre-recorded tapes today. Also have one by Andy Williams and one by Arlo Guthrie. Haven't been able to find any blank cassettes. I'll be going to Long Binh some time next week to try to collect some more TDY pay. Might be able to get some there. Looks like I need a new pen too.!

Got three letters from you yesterday. Also got that package with the banners. Have the big one on the wall by my bed. The other two from the ceiling. Kelm just looks and it and says, "Now, what's that supposed to mean?" Guess he just doesn't appreciate good art.

Getting awful tired. All I can think about is sleep right now.

There was an American band at the club tonight.

Tomorrow is a day off. Guess I'll try to catch some sunshine. So much for now.


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