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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
May 11, 1971
10 pm

Dear Folks,

It's raining now. Thunder and lightning and buckets. Started around dusk. It has been sunny and very hot all day. I went to Long Binh today and collected my TDY pay. 28 dollars and some odd cents. When I got back I went to Avionics and took off my shirt. After about a half hour I picked up my shirt and I could still wring water out of it. It was definitely a hot trip. I went up there on the shuttle bus, but came back hitchhiking by way of Bearcat.

No mail today. Got some magazines you sent.

We've got trouble tonight with flying ants. Looks like they're invading the whole world.

Well everybody wants the lights out. Oh, yeah, they took our weapons away from us this morning and locked them in a conex. Only three people in the company were allowed to keep their weapons, the two first sergeants and Sgt. Cox. Guess he feels safe now.


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