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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
June 24, 1971
9:30 pm

Dear Folks,

Five down and seven to go. Maybe six if I'm lucky. Had a good day today as usual. Sunny and hot. We haven't had any rain for a couple days. Or did we? I'm not sure.

So you think Moss had a good suntan? That's because because I've been sitting in the air-conditioned shop for the last couple weeks. Back in the days of China Beach and conex guard I had him beat by a long shot. I never did get any pictures of me then. I had a tan about like Kelm's. I've faded since then. Got to get to work on that DEROS tan. Only seven months to get good and brown! I'll have to get extra dark though because if I take a hot bath I lose half of it!

I think if the PX has any cassettes left I may get some and send them to you. I can get them for 15 cents and it doesn't cost anything to mail them. Don't be surprised if someday you get some blank cassettes in the mail.

All alone again tonight. Took the opportunity to complete Lesson 2 of that USAFI course. All it takes is some peace and quiet and I can get it done. It's not really a snap course. It takes some thinking. And it's almost impossible to concentrate with a lot of interruptions.

Payday is only 7 days away. I've still got $118 left. So you'll probably get about $300 from me this month. That money really mounts up after a while. I'm expecting to hear in your letter tomorrow that you got the $500 I sent. It's been about 8 or 9 days now.

Spent the day checking radio banks. We still haven't found another workable combination. It's a wonder radio relay still exists with all that lousy equipment. It's probably more than 10 years old. I found a tag on one bank that said, "Checked ok Jan 1959"

I got 4 letters and a tape from you today. Wednesday must be the day the Sunday mail delay hits me. Seems like it happens every week.

Never did get a chance to print that triple threat picture. The day I left for Nha Trang I forgot and left my negatives in the photo lab. I haven't had a chance to check and see if they're still there.

Guess that's it.


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