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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
June 25, 1971
10:15 pm

Dear Folks,

Got three letters today. Glad to hear you got the money I sent. Hope you didn't have any trouble depositing it. They were filled out the same as before. Pretty soon we will have our own post office here at Long Thanh again. I was on detail today building an addition to the post office. We're moving the post office at Bearcat over here, building and all. It is supposed to be ready for operation by July 1st. Bearcat is slowly being turned over to the ARVN's and the Americans are pulling out. I heard that the Red Cross is moving over here too. So maybe we'll have our own Red Cross Center. Being on detail didn't get me out of Avionics this evening though. Right after dinner I came back to the hooch and no sooner than I sat down O'Briant came in and said he and Deskin were having trouble putting a radar in 061. They couldn't find Sgt. Davis so they came to me. I found the problem and came back and went to the club with Seacord. Had a couple free cokes and some French fries -- free night. Came back from the club and laid down to listen to a couple of my tapes and Deskin walked in. He needed a tool to take apart an old locker to get the parts to fix his locker. Just happened to have what he needed in my pocket from that detail this afternoon. So I went to help him. Stayed and talked with him in his room until about 9:30. He gave me an old Vietnamese Montagnard musical instrument. The guy in his room ETS'd and left two of them behind so he gave me one. Someday maybe I'll send it home. Came back. Took a shower and here I am. So long for now.


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