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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
July 1, 1971
9:30 pm

Dear Folks,

No mail again today. The post office is in the process of moving from Bearcat to the building we just made. Supposed to open up tomorrow. I got a commanders certificate for $350. So soon I'll be sending it home.

Worked for about two hours in Avionics today before I got pulled out for detail. Seems now that they come specifically looking for 05C's for detail. Since radio relay and Avionics are in the same shop there is usually a few people sitting around with nothing to do. The lifers seem to think that when radio relay isn't flying we don't have anything to do. There are 3 05C's in the shop now counting O'Briant (05B), since Seacord is on security guard. Seems like I'm on detail every other day.

I usually end up doing less work when I'm on detail anyway so I don't really mind. Get a chance to get some sun too.

The detail today was to go pick up 75 cases of ammunition from the ordinance depot in Long Binh. We got to Long Binh about 10 am and the truck started acting up so they took it to the motor pool to get worked on. The truck wasn't ready to go till 3 pm. In the meantime we hit the PX and snack bar a couple times and sat around enjoying the leisure time. When the truck was ready we went and picked up the ammo and brought it back and unloaded it. We were done by 4 pm. So as you can see I have no reason to dislike details. The lifers are actually doing us a favor. Saves all the headaches of working on those radios that just don't want to be fixed. I've got guard duty Saturday night.


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