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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
July 12, 1971
9:15 pm

Dear Folks,

I was on burm detail this morning. We laid two strands of wire and then got in the truck to go get some more wire, and found that the battery was dead. So we started to walk back to the motor pool to get another truck. On the way the guys on the R&U detail passed us with their truck and offered to help us out. They had a 2 ton flatbed truck. It got about 20 feet off the road and got stuck in the mud. We waved down a passing truck to see if we could pull it out. Just about that time it started pouring rain. We snapped one cable in the process of getting the truck unstuck and finally managed to push it out. We got a ride back to the motor pool to get another truck and came back out to try again. This time we had a 3/4 ton truck It made it all the way out to where the truck with the bad battery was sitting, then it got stuck about 10 ft. away. Just a little too far for the jumper cables to reach. The reason it got stuck was that the 4 wheel drive wasn't working. With about 8 guys pushing we managed to get the truck unstuck and made it back to the road. Rather than risk getting stuck again they decided to wait till after lunch when they could get a good truck. All in all it was a rather fun morning.

Because of all the rain the detail was cancelled for the afternoon so I worked in Avionics.

Got word today that I should get packed for a couple day trip to Vung Tau. Supposed to check out the radio banks they are fixing before they send them back here. That way we know the banks are good when we get them back. Supposed to leave some time tomorrow morning.

Still didn't get the money order. Put a roll of film in at Nick's today.


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