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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Vung Tau
July 18, 1971
6 pm

Dear Folks,

Had the day off today. It rained pretty hard this morning, but after about two this afternoon all the rain and wind stopped and the sun even came out. It was pretty chilly till the sun came out. I'm on the second floor of a big wooden barracks. All it is is one big room like a dormitory. The top half of the wall is screened and the bottom half is open slats. So the air circulates through here pretty good. That's what makes it so cold.

Spent my day between reading and the grilled cheese sandwiches at the snack bar. Finished reading "Letter to the Alumini" by John Hersey. The PX here is kind of small and their selection of books is even smaller.

I personally doubt that they will have that 220 line run to the shop by tomorrow so I'll probably spend the day acting like a civilian.

I decided to change to my second set of clothes today. I ought to be able to find a momma-san to wash them in the morning. It's only been six days. Guess that's it till tomorrow.


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