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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh
July 30, 1971
7:45 pm

Dear Folks,

Sure is good to be back home again. Found the room all re-arranged when I got back. We've got one more guy in here. His name is Pomielatz or something like that. He's been around the company for a couple months. He has the same MOS as Kelm, 31S which is crypto repair. He has been in the guard platoon most of the time. He came to Avionics for a while to get out of guard then got tired of doing nothing and went back on guard. Now he's back in Avionics again. He's here for a short tour, only six months. That's all the time he had left in the army and they still sent him here.

The friendly artillery is still shaking the walls around here. They're really going wild tonight. Sounds like there is a war going on or something.

I got back about three this afternoon. I picked up my mail and the package. Looks like some good eating ahead. Some of the letters were from Snow Hill. Got a postcard too, from Jean.

Well, nothing missing around here. Everything seems to be just the way I left it three weeks ago. Except that my refrigerator was moved over next to my locker and my fan is on top of the frig.

I got the slides back from Nick's. They all turned out real good. I made a note on each one. I gave one away to a guy named Blough. It was a picture of him and he asked if he could have it. I took it when we were on burm detail. I'll mail some of them with this letter and try to find a few more envelopes to mail the rest.

Everything is dry and dusty around here. Doesn't look like it rained for a while. And it's hot.

See ya next time,


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