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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
August 4, 1971
10 pm

Dear Folks,

I was in Da Nang till about 3 pm today. The mission went hot as scheduled about 5 am. And was terminated at 11:30 am. All reports indicate it was just a practice.

All three planes left Da Nang at the same time and flew in formation all the way back to Long Thanh. I missed some good pictures because I didn't have any film for my camera. Could have had some really good shots of a U-21 in flight. All three planes are newly painted and look almost new.

There is one pilot who is especially good. I flew with him on my mission yesterday. I forgot to mention it but on our way back to Da Nang from our mission yesterday we flew right between two F-1 fighter jets. They were coming right at us and they passed close enough that we could see the pilots. Talk about scary!

Well, at least I got my flight time for this month. Didn't log on the way up, but logged one radio relay  mission and the trip back. If they don't get lost somewhere along the line that makes 16 by the Army's count.

Had two letters in the mail today. One with pictures of the steam engine at Crisfield. For some reason I was expecting more. But I guess that was about right. We only stayed over one night.


A bummer is picking up cigarette butts on police call when you don't even smoke.

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