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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
October 7, 1971
10:30 pm

Dear Folks,

They wouldn't let me go on detail today. Had to let O'Briant have a chance. I did my best to get it but struck out.

This afternoon Capt. Higgins finally told me to get a haircut. It was for a special occasion though. Some four star general wanted some pictures of radio relay in action so we went on a test flight with a photographer along. He used about 3 rolls of film taking pictures of me operating the radios. Then I had to go by chopper to Long Binh with a radio rack. They wanted to take some static display pictures of the radios. I was told the general would be there, but he wasn't. They took the pictures and I caught a chopper back here about 5 pm.

Got two letters today. I was expecting more. I hope you didn't change the APO number when you changed the address. The only thing that changed is the name of the unit. The APO is still 96530.

I'm running late tonight. I've still got to take a cold shower. Well, looks like I don't take a shower. Hoffman just came in and said there isn't any water. There is two inches of mud on the ground but no water in the shower.

Bearcat Arty is still singing every night to help us get to sleep.

By the way, that was only a very very very light trim, not a haircut. May need a week or so to get over the shock though.


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