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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
October 8, 1971
9 pm

Dear Folks,

Well, I started a tape this evening. I was doing real good, but the movie turned out to be a dud so the crowd came back early. I decided to send just that one side of the tape, since I don't know when I'll get the chance to fill the other side.

Sat in Avionics all day. Didn't do any work, just sat there for the required 8 hours. I struck out again in my attempt to get on detail. Actually didn't spend much time in the shop this morning. Found a few excuses to leave. First I had to come back here to check on the hooch-maid. My regular momma-san is sick and they sent a replacement. I checked to see if she was going to wash my clothes since they are about 3 days behind in washing. I came back this afternoon and found that she only washed one pair of fatigues and that it was my shirt but somebody else's baggy pants that I got back. I'll be lucky if I ever get my right clothes back.

After checking the hooch-maid I had to take my morning break at the snack bar. Had a hamburger and a coke and went back to the shop. Claybough was on his way to the snack bar so I had him pick me up some donuts and another coke and I ate them in the shop. After my mid-morning snacks I waited about 15 minutes and then went up to the PX to buy a watch. By the time I got back it was about time to quit for lunch, so I successfully wasted the morning.

I hope the mail situation improves. I'm hoping that you didn't change the APO. It's still 96530.


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