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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
October 9, 1971
10:15 pm

Dear Folks,

Well, first of all I got two letters today dated the fourth. So the mail is running true to form, just a little slow. I must have got ahead of schedule a little bit to miss two days mail in a row. Still haven't gotten any letter addressed to 1st Signal Brigade so I don't know for sure yet that you might have made the mistake that I hope you didn't make. If you can figure out that last sentence you're pretty good.

Managed to get burm detail today. There wasn't anybody else around to take it. Had the morning off because it rained so I sat in the hooch till 1pm then went out on the burm for about 2 hours. We had to pick up some wood scraps and put out a few claymores and then we were off. I was out there just long enough to step in a mud puddle that went half way up to my knees.

Well, don't want to overdo it. One page just about covers it. A day here is just another day.


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