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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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In the air over Tay Ninh, Satellite 027
October 14, 1971
4 pm

Dear Folks,

Well, here I am flying again. If I remember right I wrote a letter this morning. It seems like a week ago. They woke me up early to check on 073. That turned out to be OK. I only got to rest a short while after that, just long enough to get a hamburger at the snack bar. At about noon 027 came down with trouble and also we had to rig 038. We finished rigging 038 and then went to work on 027. Found some problems with the secure gear. We fixed it and I'm flying 027 now. Everything is working real good.

I hit the jackpot with mail this morning. Got 6 letters, 4 of them were old postmarked Oct 3. The other two I believe were postmarked around the 9th.

Nui Ba Den is in sight down below us. I just took a couple of pictures of it. There is a ground relay station down on that hill somewhere. He should be taking over for us soon.


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