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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
October 22, 1971
9 am

Dear Folks,

Another week is drawing to a close. I don't know where it went, but I'm glad to see it go.

I worked the night shift in Avionics. We didn't do anything all afternoon. When we came back at 6:30 pm there were only a couple things to take care of. So we finished up real quick and quit at 7:30 pm.

 I went down to the club to get some French fries, but as usual they were all out of French fries. So I had to settle for a cheeseburger.

I mailed a tape to you yesterday morning. So in case you didn't  get it yet be on the lookout for it.

It looks like I'll have to get a refill for my pen, this one is getting a little shaky.

I got two letters yesterday. They are coming pretty regular now.

You'd better watch Lee Ann's Henry. He may try the same trick as this cartoon Henry. (cartoon enclosed)


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