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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
October 23, 1971
10:15 am

Dear Folks,

I know all my letters are starting to sound alike, but I do the same things every day. The only thing that really changes is the date.

I worked the night shift yesterday so I had the morning off. There wasn't anything to do all morning. I just put on a pair of cut-offs and sat out in the sun. Won't be getting much sun today unless these clouds move out. It rained last night. That was the first time in a couple days. We'll be seeing more sunshine as the days go on.

We quit early yesterday evening about 7:30 pm. No sense in over working. Leave something for the morning shift to do.

They can't seem to get me orders for wings but they came up with these other ones. I'm now a Field Sanitation Team member. I guess they'll have me going around picking up dead rats or something like that.


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