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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
November 1, 1971

Dear Folks,

This morning I went to the post office and stood in line for an hour to get a $300 money order. The money is on the way home now. I mailed it at the post office so it should get to you before this letter.

I finished off a roll of slide film last night. They didn't have a band at the club last night. I heard we might have a USO show tonight.  I finished the roll by taking some pictures of 'big Al' and he took some of me.

I had a mailer for that film but I lost the address of Kodak Laboratories. I took the film to Nick's but they won't develop the pre-paid stuff. So I went up to the PX and looked at one of the mailers. I got the address of Kodak in Hawaii. I mailed to that address. Going to Hawaii it shouldn't take too long.


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