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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
November 2, 1971
10:50 am

Dear Folks,

There was a USO show at the club about 3 pm yesterday but nobody knew about it. They probably played for about 20 people. Everybody thought they were going to play at 8 pm. There was a band at 8 pm, but it was an all girl zip band.

I got that Halloween package you sent. It was a good assortment of stuff once I wipe the cheese from everything. I'm not sure what happened. Either the can of cheese sprung a leak or the cap came off and the nozzle got pushed to one side so that it sprayed all over the box. The cheese was just about dried out so it wasn't as messy as it sounds.

I had to work yesterday but we quit at 8 pm to go watch what we thought was going to be a USO show.

Didn't get any letters yesterday, just the box but I guess that makes up for it.


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