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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
November 3, 1971
11 am

Dear Folks,

Last night I did the impossible. With three stereos blaring, Bearcat arty pounding outside and about 50 million people walking in and out of here I sat down and finished another lesson of my USAFI course.

Woke up to a sunny clear and hot day. It would be a good day to be sitting out over the shell beds of Miller's Island.

The smell of scorched wood is in the air. Outside our room the gooks are working on a boardwalk. Hoffman is helping them with a power saw. The blade is a little crooked and it smokes up a storm. So by tonight we should be able to walk to the shower without ever touching dirt and take a warm shower. Things are looking up every day.

But the lifers haven't changed a bit. I'll be glad to leave them behind in 82 days.


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